• Fresh Fine de Claire Marenne oyster
    3 €

    Fresh Fine de Claire Marenne oyster with lemon and shallot vinaigrette

  • Burnt tuna
    12 €

    Burnt tuna with fresh mango, spicy sauce and sesame cucumber

  • Buckwheat blini
    11 €

    Buckwheat blini with caviar, cold smoked salmon, sour cream and shallot

  • Pan-fried scallops
    12 €

    Pan-fried scallops with pea cream, crispy Serrano ham and white truffle oil

  • Pan-fried tiger prawn tails
    10 €

    Pan-fried tiger prawn tails with chili and garlic, served with herb aioli

  • Beef tenderloin tartare
    10 €

    Beef tenderloin tartare with egg yolk, cornichons, spicy sauce and toast

  • Baked goat cheese
    8 €

    Baked goat cheese with fig cover and beetroot cream

  • Escargots baked
    7 €

    Escargots baked in herb butter and served with French blue cheese

  • Seafood in Asian broth
    11 €

    Seafood in Asian broth – scallop, tiger prawn, Head Chef’s choice of fish, blue mussels

  • Chanterelle puree soup
    7 €

    Chanterelle puree soup with milk foam and Serrano ham crumbs


  • Blue mussels
    1/2 portion 10 € | 1 full portion 16 €

    Blue mussels in creamy white wine sauce

  • Head Chef’s choice of fish
    15 €

    Head Chef’s choice of fish with vegetable and lobster bouillon

  • Oven-baked Estonian sturgeon steak
    16 €

    Oven-baked Estonian sturgeon steak served with beetroot orsotto, baked cherry tomatoes and lobster sauce

  • Butternut squash risotto
    14 €

    Butternut squash risotto with Kalamatsi goat cheese

  • Grilled beef tenderloin
    19 €

    Grilled beef tenderloin with foie gras, truffle-flavoured potato gratin and red wine sauce

  • Pan-fried duck breast
    15 €

    Pan-fried duck breast and quail with celeriac puree, warm mango salsa, and fig sauce

  • Grilled elk
    19 €

    Grilled elk with potato-carrot puree and black salsify, served with red wine sauce


  • Classic crème brulée
    5 €

    Classic crème brulée

  • Selection for one
    6 €

    Selection of French cheeses and jams for one

  • Dark chocolate cake
    7 €

    Dark chocolate cake served with raspberry sorbet

  • French apple pie
    7 €

    French apple pie with Vana Tallinn ice cream and berries

  • Selection of sorbets and ice creams
    3 balls – 5 €

    Selection of sorbets and ice creams

  • Cardamom-flavoured pineapple
    6 €

    Cardamom-flavoured pineapple with coconut cream and meringue

With wine

  • Snack platter
    8 €

    Sundried tomato and fresh cheese cream, hummus, house pesto, crostini and grissini

  • Cheese platter for two
    10 €

    Various French cheeses with seasonal jam and grissini

  • Ham and sausage platter
    8 €

    With olives, salted cucumber, artichokes, sundried tomatoes and grissini