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Open a company in Estonia

To open a company in Estonia or a commercial partnership in the jurisdiction, a Russian or other non-resident must obtain a C-visa for business purposes and come to the country. Electronic registration is available when OÜs or FIEs are created – this is another reason “in their favor”. To use the national portal of the Commercial Register and open a business, you will need:

  • Choose a commercial name that does not contradict Estonian norms;
  • Obtain a legal address and conclude an agreement with a person who will be the contact of the founders in Estonia;
  • Issue an ID-card or mobile-ID for identification and install software for electronic signature;
  • Enter in the portal environment information about the founders of the enterprise, its name, field of work (indicating the EMTAK codes) and draw up a charter;
  • Pay the state fee – depending on the type of organization, from 13 to 145 euros (for an accelerated procedure, the fee increases);
  • If you wish, you can deposit the share capital (this is not necessary).

The procedure takes from 20 minutes to one working day. If the capital is contributed in material and property form or the founders cannot use an electronic signature, it is necessary to register the case with the help of a notary. He will help to draw up and submit to the register an agreement, charter, application, certificate from the bank and other papers, will act as a guarantor of the legal correctness of the procedure. In case of notarization, the registration process will take up to 3 days – if all documents are drawn up correctly.

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